NAC Fandeck’s

Dive into the world of possibilities with NAC’s Evolution Series Fandecks. While they can’t replace the tactile experience of a sample door, these fandecks offer a stunning overview of the engineered woods and laminates in our Evolution Series.

Visualize the diverse finishes and textures at your fingertips, guiding your design journey with a glimpse of the extraordinary. Whether you prefer the natural beauty of real wood veneers or the sleek sophistication of high-gloss laminates, NAC’s diverse product assortment will empower you to elevate your design projects to unprecedented heights.

Explore a spectrum of possibilities with 4″ x 6″ samples of our finest engineered woods.

Showcasing 46 authentic, unfinished and unstained essences, from timeless classics to exotic wonders. Explore the essence of natural beauty, where each grain tells a unique story.

Fuel your design inspiration and redefine your space with the unmatched beauty of Evolution HD.

Unlock the world of design possibilities with REHAU Fandecks, where innovation meets inspiration.

Our five distinct collections reveal an extraordinary spectrum of unique colors and finishes that redefine your vision of interior perfection. Explore the intricacies with 2.5″ x 2.5″ samples, and witness the magic up close with a 5″ x 10″ sample block, showcasing color, texture, finish, and edgbanding.

♢ Rauvisio Brilliant High Gloss Acrylic Surfaces

♢ Rauvisio Crystal Polymer, Back Painted Glass Surfaces

♢ Rauvisio Ferro Metallic PET Surfaces

♢ Rauvisio InGrain Wood Fibre Laminate Surfaces

♢ Rauvisio Terra Soft-Touch, Textured HPL Surfaces

Experience the essence of each collection at your fingertips, and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities.

Explore our premium-quality MDF panels boasting luxurious acrylic and polymer finishes.

From the high-gloss allure that exude sophistication and durability to silky matt options and contemporary metallics, Sublime offers a captivating array of colors and surfaces to complement your creative vision.

♢ Polymer Serie 1 Polymer High-Gloss Surfaces

♢ Polymer Serie 2 Silky Touch Polymer Surfaces

♢ Design Elevation Silky Touch Polymer Surfaces

♢ Design Sublime Polymer High-Gloss Surfaces

♢ Design Sublime Silky Touch Polymer Surfaces

♢ Design Sublime Polymer Design Surfaces

♢ Design Sublime Polymer Metallic Surfaces

Dive into a realm where your creativity knows no bounds, and every color, every texture, and every finish is an opportunity to transform spaces into masterpieces.

Discover the future with the Fenix for Interiors Fandeck — Your swift passport to innovation.

With an opulent touch, low light reflectivity, and an anti-fingerprint marvel, Fenix surfaces redefine elegance. With a range of colorways to choose from, matching Fenix to your space’s unique design is effortless.

This revolutionary blend of paper and thermosetting resins is truly exceptional in its ability to heal minor scratches with heat, ensuring longevity and resilience.

To truly experience the extraordinary capabilities of our surfaces, don’t just imagine — order a color block or a sample door today! Feel the opulence, witness the resilience, and let your senses confirm what your imagination envisions.