FlexyLED 24V - NAC

FlexyLED 24V

Developed with a new diffused silicone extrusion technology, this soft profile is conceptualized for recessed installations in any type of groove : linear, waves, rings, or any organic shape. With FlexyLED there are no limits!


No need for glue or adhesives, the FlexyLED strip simply needs to be pressure-fit into a pre-milled groove.

Fits in a recessed groove of 4 mm wide x 10 mm deep for a flush installation.

12 W of power per meter. 180 LEDs per meter.

Micro 24 connector.

Double power cable.

Can be cut every 33mm to adapt to your unique design.

Model #Light ColorKelvin Color TemperatureLED Strip LengthWatts
13002410124040Neutral White4200 K1000 mm9.6 W
13002414124059Neutral White4200 K1500 mm14.4 W
13002419124079Neutral White4200 K2000 mm19.2 W
13002424124098Neutral White4200 K2500 mm24 W
13002429124118Neutral White4200 K3000 mm28.8 W
13002410122040Warm White3100 K1000 mm9.6 W
13002414122059Warm White3100 K1500 mm14.4 W
13002419122079Warm White3100 K2000 mm19.2 W
13002424122098Warm White3100 K2500 mm24 W
13002429122118Warm White3100 K3000 mm28.8 W

Power Supply


Standard Power Supply

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Dimmable Power Supply

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To Combine with Accessories

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Regular Power Supply

78 3/4 in (2 m) power cable and terminal block with up to 10 ports for connecting 24 V lights

Model #WattsLengthHeightWidth
524066W2 5/16 in25/32 in1 3/8 in
6241515W153 mm18 mm46 mm
5243030W5 15/16 in1 1/4 in1 5/8 in
5247575W7 5/16 in1 mm2 3/8 in

Dimmable Power Supply

6 ft power cable

For optimal dimming, a 10% minimum load or higher on the power supply is required

Model #WattsMax Fixtures per DriverOutput PortsLengthWidth
DP241212W43135 mm52 mm
DP242424W86156 mm53 mm
DP245050W1616178.5 mm61 mm


A collection of smart converters for 24V DC lighting systems

App compatible to manage your lights from your smartphone

79 in (2m) power cord

Model #WattsLengthHeightWidth
XDRIVER241515 W187 mm16 mm49 mm
XDRIVER243030 W218 mm16 mm60 mm
XDRIVER246060 W306 mm16.5 mm70 mm

Accessories for X-Driver


Standard Module

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WIFI Module

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RC3 Remote

Remote Control for X-Driver

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CM2-XD RF Control For X-Driver

The CM2-XD is needed for all switches and remotes, compatible with the X-DRIVER

Model #MaterialOperationFeaturesLighting TypeControl SystemSensor Type
1650301PlasticRemote ControlRemote Control, WIFILEDIRInfrared

CM4-XD WIFI Module For X-Driver

This remote control module enables the wireless function, which allows the X-DRIVER to interface with the WIFI network

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Model #FinishOperationLighting TypeControl SystemFeatures
1650501WhiteRemote ControlLEDWIFIWIFI


RC3 Remote Control For X-Driver

Multi-channel dimmer remote for X-Driver turns lights on and off and adjusts the brightness

Controls up to 3 independant channels, each of which consists of an unlimited number of X-Drivers

Model #Control SystemFinishLighting TypeOperationFeaturesLengthWidthHeight
1650201IRWhiteLEDRemote ControlRemote Control153 mm40 mm10 mm