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How to Import or Export a Job

You can import an existing job to modify and make changes to your project

When you are satisfied with your project, export it and send it to your Project Manager for review

Completing the Globals for your Project

This is the first step after opening a new project. It must be completed prior to adding cabinets to your order

Globals must be completed individually for each room that is added to a job

How to Add an Area to an Existing Room

Duo-tone designs are increasingly in demand. This function will enable you to apply more than 1 set of globals to numerous areas in the same room.

Every time a variation in the globals exists, a new area must be defined. See how to add a new area to an existing room.

How to Add a Room to an Existing Quote

A single client may have several projects such as a Kitchen, Powder Room and Walk-In Closet. These will require individual rooms in your quote. Each room will have unique globals and a section for the cabinets, doors, fronts and drawer boxes for that room.

See how to add a new room to your quote

How to Add a Cabinet to your Room

Once the Globals have been completed for each room, you can start adding the cabinets that will make up your design

Be sure to add any special instructions that may be required to create the technical drawings and/or to manufacture each cabinet to your exact specifications

How to Add a Modification to a Cabinet

NAC offers infinite possibilities to customize your order and satisfy your needs

See how you can add modifications to your order such as extending the sides of a cabinet

These details will ensure that your order is manufactured to your exact specifications

How to Add an Accessory to a Cabinet

Add accessories to your cabinets and make your space even more functional

NAC offers a variety of lighting, storage, and organization add-0ns to elevate your design

How to Add a Filler to your Order

When corners, tight spaces, and uneven walls are a challenge in your design, fillers may be necessary to complete your installation.

See how to add fillers to your order

How to Add a Column to your Order

When a filler is not sufficient to fill a gap or hide an unfinished surface, columns are a great way to complete your design

See how to add columns to your order

Change a Regular Door Front to a Glass Door

Glass door fronts will help elevate your design by adding depth and elegance to your project

NAC offers a variety of glass front options, from clear to tinted to frosted, among many more. They are the perfect compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelving

See how to add glass doors to your order

How to Add a Wainscoat to your Order

Wainscotting is a classic way to hide pesky wires from your entertainment unit, to elevate an open-shelf cabinet, to unify your walls with your built-in or to finish a kitchen island with style. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever your purpose, wainscotting will elevate your design and give your room a luxurious feel.

See how to add a wainscoat to your order

How to Add a Panel to your Order

End panels will complete your cabinets that have exposed sides with simplicity and elegance

Finish your island with a panel for a simple and clean look

See how to add panels to your order

How to Send a Quote

When your order is complete you must send it to your Project Manager for final review

How to Send an Order to the Factory

Once the order has been signed off on, you can send it to the factory for production

Please note that after the order is signed off on, no changes will be accepted

How to Print an Order

Once your order is complete, you can print a copy for your archives

The print function also gives you the option to save a digital copy of your order

For more information regarding Advance Ware’s Quick Order Entry, please contact your Project Manager